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Karma strikes Cop

Picture halved We note with great interest that Chief Superintendent Adrian Harper, who currently faces two charges of wilful misconduct while in a judicial or public office in relation to two speeding offences, is the policeman at the centre of the outrageous Paul Clarke case.

Harper was the officer who took the call from Mr Clarke when the latter found a firearm in his garden.  Harper allowed him to walk into the station with it (in order to hand it in) and effectively allowed him to walk into the criminal conviction he now has.

Whilst if convicted he will hardly be punished for this pair of offences with which he is charged to the same degree as poor Mr Clarke (who faces a five year minimum sentence for the firearms "offence"), he will certainly be facing some music.  I also note that he is not charged with speeding plain and simple, but rather with wilful misconduct – it's not just that he was apparently speeding, it's that he's been suspended as a result of alleged dishonesty in connection with the charges.  The facts of the case will be interesting to know – we do hope that the Surrey media stay on the case…

By Alex Deane – with a hat tip to SZ and lovers of "what goes around comes around" everywhere

*UPDATE* we were NOT the first with this story!

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10 Responses to Karma strikes Cop

  1. Alex Deane

    FASCINATING. So he got on the wrong side of the police & co in his area, got acquitted… and now this.

  2. Road_Hog

    Karma indeed, so everyone will now know about his suspension because he had Paul Clarke arrested.
    I bet he wishes he’d just taken the gun and thanked him for being a good citizen and sent him on his way.

  3. Constantly Furious

    “Big Brother Watch thinks we’re the first with this story”
    This from Monday 16th on tinyurl.com/ykr97vd
    “..asking whether Chief Superintendent Adrian Harper who Paul Clarke met with before being arrested is the same Chief Superintendent Adrian Harper who was suspended for alleged dishonest conduct in May 2009?
    Well, unless there are several ‘Chiefs’ in Surrey with the same name, it would seem so.”

  4. Alex Deane

    Ah. Fair enough! NOT first!

  5. anon

    Another problem is, with the abuse of power so rife, we do not know if the Chief was stitched up becuase he knew something or wanted to do the right thing. Such is the legacy of the pre-crime security state and criminalization of everyone. New Labour’s legacy is more corruption less transparency and the breakdown of society. Thank goodnes it is not to late to change things.

  6. David

    “New Labour’s legacy is more corruption less transparency and the breakdown of society. Thank goodnes it is not to late to change things.”
    The relevant clause that could see Paul Clarke put away for 5 years is from 1968.

  7. anon

    “The relevant clause…is from 1968″.
    Ah but many policeman ttaditionally would not have arrested him for being a good citizen and reporteing the weapon. They would not have arrested him. They wouold not have taken him to court. And an arrest, caution, trial or prison sentence would not have had the dire long-term effects on people as now given the database state, including taking DNA, ISA and other employment checks.
    Hopefully there will be juries and judges who are like William Penn was.

  8. fdgv

    i love this guy.
    paul clarke was guilty.

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