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12-year-old suspended for ‘crisp dealing’

A 12-year-old caught selling crisps at a school with a “healthy food policy” has been suspended by his headteacher.

Joelbradley Joel Bradley, a pupil at Liverpool's Cardinal Heenan High School, had already been caught selling sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks at a marked-up price, and when he was found a second time selling a packet of Discos for 50p, the school sent him home. 

The headmaster, Dave Forshaw, told the Daily Mail:

"We are a healthy school and proud of it. If parents are not happy then they are perfectly free to take their children to a school that allows pupils to sell these things and allows a father to sell them outside on the pavement"

There are two notes of caution I feel I must add. The first is that Joel's dad had previously been found to be selling sweets and drinks from a van outside the school which, although legal, shows a massive amount of disrespect for the school's policy. The second is that Joel was undoubtedly breaking the rules as laid out by the school.

However, this will be a permanent black mark on a young boy's school record. It is also likely to exacerbate the behavioural problems of a pupil who was not really guilty of anything other than showing a bit of entrepreneurial spirit.

In essence, the school has suspended a boy because it can't convince its pupils to eat healthily. The head has picked the easy target rather than face up to the underlying problem and potentially scarred a young man's education in the process. 

By Dylan Sharpe

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