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Big Brother will be watching you

In an unprecedented step that will see Britain adopt the same kind of surveillance as China and Iran, police and intelligence officers are to be handed powers to monitor people’s messages online.  The plans have been described as an “attack on the privacy” of a vast number of Britons by the Independent and have attracted little support from backbench MP’s.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced the governments intention to introduce legislation in next month’s Queen’s Speech which would allow law-enforcement agencies to check on social media, online gaming forums, calls, emails, texts and website traffic.  The plans would give officials the right to know “who speaks to whom on demand and in real time”.  The Home Office has said that the new law would keep crime-fighting abreast of communications developments and that a warrant would still be required to view the content of messages.

The Government has offered no justification for what is unprecedented intrusion into our lives, nor explained why promises made about civil liberties are being casually junked.  The silence from Home Office ministers has been deafening. It is remarkable that they wish to pry into everything we do online but seem intent on avoiding any public discussion.

These plans are an unprecedented attack on privacy online and it is far from clear this will actually improve public safety, while adding significant costs to internet business.  No amount of scare-mongering can hide the fact that this policy is being condemned by MPs in all political parties.


Nick Pickles on BBC News discussing Internet Surveillance from BigBrotherWatch on Vimeo.

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29 Responses to Big Brother will be watching you

  1. Porkydawky

    The govt. already have this right to monitor individuals but only with ministerial & judicial oversight. This is completely over the top & I wonder how much it is to do with the US NSA’s “Stellar Wind” project.  (http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/03/ff_nsadatacenter/all/1). we already kow tow to the US in foreign policy and with our pathetically weak 2003 extradition treaty which makes us subject to laws in that increasingly fascist country. It is time to stand up & reject this march to totalitarianism by yet another UK Govt. They try to tell you it’s for your protection, but ends up with local power crazed apparatchiks telling you how to live your life.

  2. Azzy

    Not just like China and Iran but also like the USA which this government is lapdog too.

    This legislation must be stopped at all costs, it’s nothing to do with terrorism and security, it is a bit more of the wedge towards a totalitarian state, similar to the way the USA has gone already.  BBW needs to be very active in raising this as a substantial breach of our civil liberty, freedom and sovereignty.

    Watch this video if you don’t know how far the USA has gone to being a police state.


  3. Stephi

    That should have read the EU…finger slipped.

  4. Stephi
  5. Stephi

    Porkydawky there are a LOT of connections with that crazy place UTAH


    Ed Smart and the Mormon church were very grateful to BUSH when he covered up Elizabeth Smart’s faked abduction…the kid ran off and he abused Amber Alert…the first Amber Alert in Utah. As I said the Mormons were very gratteful (see link ). They tried to deny it but if you google you will find Obama’s mother was baptized by the Mormons..

  6. Grahame

    Sad. This will cost a fortune, and yield very little. Every criminal / terrorist knows to use Skype / TOR.

  7. Michael

    Because you need a warrant to find out if someone has cancer, but not to find out if they frequent websites for cancer patients.

  8. Fedup

    Why does this government fight for freedom from dictators and oppressive states for others but then perpetrates at home the sorts of policies and laws that allow such oppression?

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  10. Syntax_Error

    Make us all terrorists and thats what you shall get on every street corner.

    Right now I fear my Government more than the terrorists

  11. Jelltex

    You can’t fight for freedom abroad by denying it at home!

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  13. Capybara

    As per usual the War on terror is being used as a convienient pretext to further erode the civil liberties of the British Public. This legislation should it be introduced is  Undemocratic and a serious infringement of personal privacy. I have signed the Epetition on the Government website and hope it gets 100,000+ signatures as then it will likely get debated in Parliament and hopefully consigned to the trash heap where it belongs.

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  16. Ktkd1435

    Its not just these plans that attack our Privacy. There is the rapid growth of Voice Technology and as such has had the potential to be misused.  This type of technology adds an audio track to the digital trail that individuals leave behind when they use the internet,web or apps, potentially exposing them to more data mining, which poses a risk to people’s privacy.  It is of growing concern that a lot of official departments and local authorities are embarking on biometric identification and such technologies.  There is growing concern around the globe by the lack of standards and accuracy over its use. There is also the concern as to whether such technologies can be compromised.  This needs to be properly legislated with a strong framework of standards being implemented.  I wonder how such Voice data will be stored and how vulnerable it will be to theft and abuse, such data could be used to link other information about individuals like, employment status, religion and marital status.

    What are the implications of leaving electronic bread crumbs to mark a trail detailing every movement an individual makes?

  17. Matthew Rance

    Fuck you British government, Fuck. You.

    - From Britain.

  18. Sharada Prasad Mohanty

    Comrades, Comrades, this is double-plus good. Now we can finally be protected from Goldstein and those Eurasian thugs

  19. You

    Inc protests

  20. Anonymous

    Remember, Remember the fifth of November

  21. Sarah J

    I find so much irony in the fact that Liberals and Conservatives are known for stressing the importance of freedom and privacy. Put them in a coalition and they totally contradict the very foundings of each of their ideological beliefs. Fucking pathetic. 

  22. Contraindicated

    Welcome to the New World Order – from the U.S.

  23. Fake

    Every police state in history has ended up evil and had to be removed by violent revolution.

    When politicians choose to create a police state they are choosing the tools of evil and a future blood bath.

    Mussolini had millions of loyal soldiers with tanks and planes but the
    public slaughtered his family and strung them up in the streets.

    All Qaddafi’s police and spys couldn’t protect him from being dragged though the streets crying and sodomized with a knife.

  24. Death of the Tyrants

    Why do you let a bunch of idiot stuffy old politicians make decisions for you Britain? They’ve taken your freedom. Fight back, throw them out of office. Take the power on decisions from the politicians and give it to the common people to nut out. The general populace is smarter and more dedicated than most people think. Have faith in yourselves. 

  25. Bluethumbprint

    You want to check my phone!…I’ll give you something to listen to you arseholes.

  26. VincentVonDudler

    How can we allow this fucking HAPPEN?!

  27. Gallean

    Total bullshit. If anyone would want talk about crimes on the internet, there’s more than enough ways to do it anonymously and undetected.

    There’s no way this will lower crime rates…

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