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Our amendment to limit the damage

5946829399_e633991652_oAs the bell tolls for press freedom, the realisation that a whole host of tiny websites, including Big Brother Watch, would be covered by the provisions of the new press regulator is dawning on Westminster.

On Monday, the Lords will vote on the legislation “underpinning” the Royal Charter on press-self regulation. They will determine who is to be a ‘relevant publisher’ and at present risks catching broadly any site that is has more than one author, carries news or information about current affairs, or gossip about celebrities, and has some kind of editorial control.

We are urgently trying to garner support for the below amendment to exclude small organisations from the provisions of what is already becoming an unwieldy and unpredictable piece of legislative horse trading.

This is not an ideal situation – as with most things formulated in meetings at 2am – and it would make much more sense for this to be handled rationally and thought through properly. This amendment protects a few, but the principle has already gone.

The amendment has now been tabled by Lord Lucas – it’s now critical that the Lords adopt it.

Insert into New Schedule 5 of the Crime and Courts Bill ‘Exclusions from definition of “relevant publisher”

9) “A publisher who does not exceed the definition of a small or medium-sized enterprise as defined in Section 382 and 465 Companies Act 2006.”


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18 Responses to Our amendment to limit the damage

  1. Dubble0h

    They are not offensive just politically astute or ahead of MSM. I find this interference by moronic stateops bad enough but the provisions of proposed Leveson regs are beyond draconian. Speaking the Truth to Power is an essential part of a democracy and has been hard won. I willl not bé cowed from doing so

    • Fahrenheit211.net

      DubbleOh, I agree, these Leveson regulations DO go beyond draconian and will neuter both press and independent and small scale bloggers. I heartened by the number of bloggers from across the political spectrum who have either said No to registering with the Leveson censor or who are considering doing so. It is shameful that British bloggers who cover British stories with British readership should be forced to site their operations off shore to avoid arrest and harrassment by the state. That is not the sort of Britain that I or many others want. This is not only an attack on news operations but also on those who comment or have opinions on news items.

      The Leveson rules will result in a bland, risk averse media dominated by fears of arrest or bogus complaint.

      • fitz fitzgerald

        But it is the sort of England which appeals to the EUSSR … dirigiste, failed, moribund, sclerotic …

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  5. Mark Jackson

    Quite agree that this sort of legislation shouldn’t be rushed purely based on political pressure from Labour and the LibDems. It needs to go through the usual due process but in the absence of a proper and wider debate then I guess this amendment will have to do. I hope it’s supported otherwise.. goodbye free speech and hello chilling effects.
    Mark – ISPreview.co.uk

  6. Robert

    For those who are interested, here are the links to Sections 382 and 465 of the Companies Act 2006. Do you qualify!?

  7. Craig King

    You should be campaigning for ALL purveyors of news and opinion to be able to operate uncontrolled and free of political interference. What the hell is wrong with you?

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  9. RichardMitton

    I don’t know why you feel the need to do this. After all, it’s provisions won’t affect BBW if you don’t sign up. From what I gather it is not compulsery to sign up.

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  11. Gary D Chance

    Voluntary today compulsory tomorrow. It’s a foot in the door that must be closed. There are too many people just waiting to pounce given the opportunity. I hope your amendment gets included. How did protecting against phone hacking get to this?

  12. DavidFahn

    The time to replace the ballot box with the machine gun is bought massively closer by this legislation.

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