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Social media and the law

5946829399_e633991652_oIn light of recent debate about Twitter and trolling, the US State Department issued a rather timely statement:

“We believe that when public speech is deemed offensive, be it via social media or any other means, the issue is best addressed through open dialogue and honest debate.”

Those calling for prosecutions, users to be banned and active policing of what is and is not acceptable on Twitter should tread very carefully.

The statement was issued when one Government decided that a social networking site dedicated to discussing the role of religion in the country was offensive, and the person who organised the site was sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes.

That Government was Saudi Arabia and if the West is to stand up for freedom of speech abroad, we need to remember that those same values – however uncomfortable they may be sometimes – must not be forgotten at home.


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3 Responses to Social media and the law

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  2. jed

    The West doe snot stand up for Freedom of Speech

  3. john

    Am I missing the content as the few paragraphs seen don’t really inform? Is the author annoyed at this example of hypocrisy? ‘Social Media’ is a rather clumsy pseudo scientific term that really doesn’t allow for anything other, than being a part of the law, as in turn the law being a part of government, i.e. control. What is the purpose of this article?

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