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Opt-out of Care.Data

MedConfidential, the medical privacy group Big Brother Watch helped to establish, has produced an opt-out letter for Care.Data, the new NHS data sharing scheme.

Below is the plain text and here are three links to downloadable versions.

Opt out letter (PDF)

Opt out letter (MS Word)

Opt out letter (Rich Text)

Dissent from secondary use of patient identifiable data

Dear Doctor,

I am writing to give notice that I refuse consent for my identifiable information and the identifiable information of those for whom I am responsible [delete as appropriate] to be transferred from your practice systems for any purpose other than my medical care.

Please take whatever steps necessary to ensure my / our confidential personal information is not uploaded and record my dissent by whatever means possible.

This includes adding the ‘Dissent from secondary use of GP patient identifiable data’ code (Read v2: 9Nu0 or CTV3: XaZ89) to my record as well as the ‘Dissent from disclosure of personal confidential data by Health and Social Care Information Centre’ code (Read v2: 9Nu4 or CTV3: XaaVL).

I am aware of the implications of this request, understand that it will not affect the care I / we receive and will notify you should I change my mind.

Yours sincerely,

Signature ____________________________________      Date ________________

Information to help identify my records [please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS]



Title   _______      Surname / Family name   ____________________________________


Forename(s)  _____________________________________________________________

Address           _____________________________________________________________


Postcode         ________________________

Date of birth    ________________________

NHS number (if known)   ___________________________________


Space for additional patient details overleaf

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7 Responses to Opt-out of Care.Data

  1. Michael Knight

    I have opted out. My data is personal and there is no way I want 3rd parties soliciting my information. I faxed a copy over to my GP asking him to sign, keep a copy and return a copy to me (all done via Adobe EchoSign) so I will see if I get a response. If not I will be changing GP’s as mine seems pretty useless anyway.

  2. kevin webb LLB JP

    I wrote to our GP practice a few weeks ago on behalf of myself and my immediate family to ensure that medical data remained between ourselves and the GP; plus whichever specialist we agreed to consult. They ignore this at their peril!

  3. Sally Cole

    I wrote to my GP weeks ago stating that I wished to opt out of the care data scheme and asking for confirmation – I have also been ignored.

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  5. Jennifer

    I opted myself and my sister out, from two different surgeries. She has MS and I am her carer. In order to ensure I know they received the information, I sent the letters special delivery, so they were tracked and signed for. My named GP told me she had opted out her family anyway. Seems this system is not only fraught with problems, but with major concerns to.

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  7. lambda velorum

    What is the point of writing to my GP? What is the guarantee that they will not ignore my request? How will I ever know? Would I dare to even ask? What if my complaint affects the service I get from them, especially when the receptionists at my doctor’s surgery is manned by mini-hitlers. I wonder if North Korea might be a freer society, knowing they are likely to be too poor to be efficient!

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