And even when they are turned on…

A quick one to follow on from Alex's post below. A story from Cambridgeshire and, more precisely, the capital of the fens, Wisbech, who last year spent over £5000 of the diminutive Parish Council budget on a new CCTV system.

Well it turns out today that the police have said that the CCTV images are not good enough to secure prosecutions. According to Norfolk Constabulary the system 'does not meet Home Office recognised specifications.'

The Parish Councillors are claiming the cameras have partially succeeded as a deterrent. But, given the cost involved, the eyesore of the cameras in the town and the no-doubt weeks and months of wrangling in the council chambers; one has to ask 'was it worth it?'

By Dylan Sharpe

Posted by on Nov 20, 2009 in CCTV | 3 Comments


  1. Karen
    20th November 2009

    Wisbech is a town of with a population of 22,000 and is not a village. I should know, I was born there and have lived in the same house all my life in Wisbech.

  2. Karen
    20th November 2009

    Upwell is in Norfolk and is village about 6 miles from Wisbech, but Wisbech itself is in Cambridgeshire.

  3. anonymous
    20th November 2009

    And that is wihtout the costs of procurement, maintenenance, replacesment, watching, repair, storage and security of tapes, legal costs of contracts, admininstration of the system and the watchers etc. And waht about the waste of finite resources like metals and the unnecessary disposal where too much techology is used, not very eco-friendly. Too much technology is not aesthetic either. And we are in a recession.
    And when technology is overrelied upon or over-used or there is technological over-kill when something else (including a combination of measures) would be better or a combination, more money is wasted.
    Street lighting reduces crime for example better than CCTV in many situations. Also, where people rely on CCTV they tend to stop thinking as people. Ditto when they are told to think in certain ways, rather than using judgement and training where appropriate.
    And that is before one thanks of the damage to individuals and communities, incuding their long-term health and abuse by some of the watchers, of too being filmed and monitered 24×7. People need privacy.