Sandwell Council are at it AGAIN – Mother fined when tissue blows out of her pocket

Unbelievably, less than two weeks since Sandwell Council were left embarrassed by the torrent of negative headlines resulting from their decision to fine a young mother for feeding the ducks; (arguably) the most officious local authority in the country has done it again – this time fining another mother £75 for allowing a tissue to blow from her pocket.

We at Big Brother Watch hate littering as much as most people; but in this instance the woman involved was running for a bus and the tissue escaped from her pocket. And secondly, it blew straight across the road which made it practically impossible for her to chase after it.

SandwellCouncil Once again we are left wondering 'where is the common sense?'

And once again, Sandwell Council are defending the action.

Big Brother Watch will be contacting Ms Hickin shortly to offer our support and hopefully force Sandwell into another humiliating defeat.

By Dylan Sharpe 

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  1. martha
    30th November 2009

    Derek Rowley, a Sandwell Councillor, said: “Survey after survey tells us that litter is a major worry for the people of Sandwell. They tell us they don’t want to see litter on the streets of Sandwell.
    “We are responding to people’s complaints about litter and we have a duty to respond to local people’s concerns.”
    So why don’t they start by giving these clipboard stasis a bin bag and tell them to pick it up, which is what we actually employ councils to do. It’s like the overfull bins, we should be fining the councils for not emptying them quick enough as per their contract with us, their employers, not the other way round… when did we allow them to make the terms?

  2. anonymouse posting problems
    30th November 2009

    Are the officials well-paid because these unfair fines could cause many people to not have money for groceries & essentials, transport to work or healthcare, heating, gas, electricity, car repairs, avoiding an unnececesary cascade of overdraft fees or late payment fees (& dips in credit scores causing more finacial losses in future as well as an unecessary criminal or civil record & potential future job-losses),prescriptions, essentials for their families etc. They also increase stress.
    Unnecessary or unnecessarily high fines can literally cause people to lose jobs or die (if they have to turn off the heating in cold weather. The fine amount may not seem high to some, but a huge percentage of British people do not the have disposable income for them. It is an extremely regreassive stealth tax, hitting the poor and middle incomes disproportionately. They also have less access to justice, so the consequences for them are greater.
    Have some legislators and enforcers become out of touch with the genuinely low levels of disposable income of many British people (there is a global recession, so the British are not unlike other nationals)?
    Have some also lost a sense of reason or mercy or discretion? Everyone makes mistakes (I am not referring to intentional crimes) – they are not robots. Most people, including those who legislated the ability for such offences to be fined in this way and to this high level, have accidentally dropped something without realising. That is not littering.
    One of the recently elsewhere (?)reported similar examples invollved an elderly and/or disabled person who dropped a receipt including their change after leaving a shop. He was fined. What happened to a respectful & caring “Excuse me Sir, did you drop this?” (while returning the money to the owner as well as the receipt to protect his privacy). That is the real Britain, not a place where the gentleman is fined for dropping something he probably needed, which was his property, which he would probably not have purposely dropped in the context and which he may not have been able to pick if he knew about it, if I remember the report of the incident correctly.