Civilian security guards getting police powers

It is being reported this afternoon that security guards from The Mall in Norwich are being given powers to issue fines ranging from £50 to £80 to combat anti-social behaviour including littering, graffiti and drinking in public.

Security-guard According to the Daily Mail,

The new scheme makes it a criminal offence for a member of the public to disobey an order given by an accredited security guard.

They carry identification bearing the Norfolk Police logo and can demand an individual's name and address.

There can be no doubt that we all want cleaner streets and less anti-social behaviour, but this sort of measure is unlikely to achieve either of those aims. Instead, these new officers will almost certainly suffer from the same sort of 'plastic-police' tag that almost scuppered the PCSO scheme and will find themselves all but ignored by the worst offenders.

It also risks the sort of punitive and pointless fines we have seen from litter wardens targeting people for all the wrong reasons because they haven't had the appropriate training.

If Norwich can't tackle anti-social behaviour the conventional way, building a citizen's militia is certainly not the solution.

By Dylan Sharpe  

Posted by on Dec 10, 2009 in Home | 2 Comments


  1. Jess The Dog
    10th December 2009

    Sod em.
    Ignore them.
    They can’t arrest or detain you.
    And the real cops will hardly bother to investigate such a trivial and amusing “offence”.

  2. Crazy Legs
    24th August 2010

    Im A Security Guard My Self I Totally Disagree with your Comments!Yes some security guards can not do there job to the max but people like my self only want whats best Im no plastic pig(rent a cop) ill ask someone to pick up rubbish or move away out of the area before ill fine (ill ask 3 times) i cover with there drink we have not got a baton or taser we have to grow a pair of balls to do our job we confront some nasty people and yes maybe some to have gone in to security as a stepping stone to be in the police for but at leat there doing something instead of claiming JSA so guess we deserver more credit than we are given