Fishermen are being coerced into carrying CCTV on their boats

Old-fishing-boat-tarrafal Courtesy of new EU rules, British fishermen are being bullied into having CCTV on their boats.  They will be permitted to take fewer catches if they don't.  It's to save the fish stocks, they say.  The cameras are to monitor stocks, and also to spot fishermen illegally dumping fish.

So the environmental movement is driving the furtherance of our surveillance society.  That's the first time I've made that connection and put it directly – I doubt that it will be the last.

By Alex Deane

Posted by on Dec 16, 2009 in CCTV | One Comment

1 Comment

  1. LeChiffre
    17th December 2009

    Parts of the environmental movement have already been promoting the surveillance society. In Middlesborough, poor things, they now have CCTVs with loud hailers so the operator from the control room may reprimand you if you accidentally drop your Kleenex tissue out of your sleeve while running for a bus!