If the police want to be in court less, perhaps, rather than changing the rules about bringing legal action against them, they might change their behaviour..?

Policeman Extraordinary stuff emerging this morning about Sir Paul Stephenson, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. He wants to make it harder for members of the public to bring legal action against the police force.

The power to bring legal action against the police is an important tool in the arsenal of the citizenry, protecting us from the abuse of power by those entrusted with it and ensuring that the state does not overstep its bounds. It stands, furthermore, as an important symbol of the nature of the relationship we have with those who police us: we are not solely accountable to them; they are also accountable to us.

Furthermore, I think that there's a pretty obvious problem with his logic. If you think that legal action is being brought against you too often, perhaps the problem isn't with the system, but rather with…. (*drumroll*)… you.

Let us hope that Theresa May tells Sir Paul where to shove it.

There is a broader issue behind the suggestion, which I think is important. This was once a country in which it was felt, broadly, that the policeman is your friend. I don't think that that's true any more.

By Alex Deane

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  1. Richard B
    11th October 2010

    “This was once a country in which it was felt, broadly, that the policeman is your friend. I don’t think that that’s true any more.”
    Spot on. At one time, if you acted according to your conscience and your sense of right and wrong, you were pretty much able to ignore the ‘law’, as you wouldn’t be breaking it. Now, there are so many manufactured laws that good people break them all the time. And if you’ve broken it once (a simple speeding conviction would suffice), it makes it easier to do it a second time. And so on. The police are now seen as the state’s enforcers, not merely citizens in uniform, and that’s got to be a bad thing.

  2. bofl
    11th October 2010

    the clash.circa 1982
    You have the right not to be killed
    Murder is a CRIME!
    Unless it was done by a

  3. Silly Kuffar
    11th October 2010

    Even though BBW has reported this story on the Police as wanting to be unaccountable for their actions you must start to ask questions about the sort of people we have become that those who hold certain reigns of power now want to tighten them around our necks and blatant about it.
    We hold no fear for those who subjugate us.
    What have we got to fight back with ?
    A rigged ballot box?
    The Police FORCE are armed and extremely dangerous.
    Their are those in postions of power now who would have fitted in quite nicely with an SS uniform and the response “I was only following orders”.
    We should be getting extremely worried about how little power we have and how little protection we have from those who are abusing their powers.
    How long before the political arrests start?