MPs table motion for ‘internet bill of rights’

A cross-party collection of MPs have tabled an early day motion calling for new data protection controls to protect people against the rise in targeted advertising. The thirteen MPs signed the Commons motion which suggests an ‘internet bill of rights’ along with giving more power to the Information Commissioner’s Office to deal with privacy issues.

This follows widespread concern that the WPP group, a global advertising and marketing company, may have profiles of up to half a billion internet users, which the motion suggests may include almost all British citizens. They also criticise the behaviour of Google during the Street View project, where private wi-fi data was collected by the fleet of cars supposedly taking pictures for mapping.

Karen Fraser, the director at advertising think-tank, Credos said:

“People see the value in more relevant – and possibly fewer — ads but are setting the same privacy boundaries on-line as in ‘real’ life.  If advertising is seen to be breaking those boundaries – interrupting conversations or reading another person’s diary – there is a very real risk of alienating people.”

After the ICO allowed websites an entire year to conform with European regulations concerning cookies, it’s good to see MPs ensuring privacy issues are debated in parliament.

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  1. Ian R Thorpe
    7th July 2011

    Targeted advertising and Googe street view is a start. But there is so much more. How many Skype users for example know Skype is just an implementation of the old Kazaa file sharing technology (now outlawed as a music sharing service) and any ‘node’ (internet connected personal computer) your call passes through on it’s switched virtual circuit could record or let its user eavesdrop on your conversation / messages.
    And that is not the worst case of internet vulnerability to abuse.

  2. Demeter
    8th July 2011

    “it’s good to see MPs ensuring privacy issues are debated in parliament.”
    This is an EDM. It has as much chance of debating time as a yawn has of catching up with a TGV to Lille.

  3. John Name
    8th July 2011

    For goodness’ sake give the man some credit. At least he’s trying, unlike us armchair warriors.