Human rights and cat fights – and why reform matters

Writing on the Huffington Post this morning, I outline the importance of a serious debate over the Human Rights Act and how it is functioning.

“The Human Rights Act has clearly had unintended consequences. Over creative judges, not grounded in the British legal tradition, have extended the scope of a law meant to protect against the very worst of humanity to defend those who do not value it at all.

If a badly researched anecdote is the last we hear of the debate to reform a malfunctioning law, our political classes are failing the society they were elected to defend.”




  1. disillusioned
    10th October 2011

    The concept of Human Rights is not what is at fault but the fact that all too often those who are making the decisions are forgetting the key issue – e.g. I am entitled to have Human Rights insofar as my Human Rights do not steamroller over the Human Rights of the next person. In other words, we all need to respect the Human Rights of our fellow human beings and stop some in society getting unfair advantages because the judicial system is failing in its duty to consider this key issue when making decisions.

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