Holding the Coalition to account on the DNA Database

Writing on the Huffington Post, I argue that the Coalition is not being properly held to account for it’s decision to abandon the committment in the Coalition Agreement to implement the Scottish model for the retention of biometric material.

“As the Bill currently stands, there is a real risk of back-door indefinite retention of innocent people’s DNA material – without judicial oversight – through the broad exemptions that have been included. It does not offer the same protections as the Scottish system.

Before the election, then Shadow Home Office minister James Brokenshire said the government “has been obsessed with growing the DNA database for the sake of it regardless of guilt or innocence.”

He asked “just how many more DNA profiles of the innocent have to be added before the Government is prepared to act?”

I am sure several Peers will be keen to ask the Government the same question.”

You can read the full article here .


  1. Bugs Man
    9th November 2011

    Has the Huffington Post actually paid you for your efforts? If this question does not appear in the comments thread I shall draw the obvious conclusion.

  2. Mcspartanmartin
    10th November 2011

    In trying to set up a new Google account (@gmail) I have been asked to provide my full date of birth. When I press the apply button I am then asked for a telephone number so they can verify who I am – SINCE WHEN HAS THIS HAPPENED????

    Whether it’s the DNA database or anything else in this country, the political elites continue in their fascist ways

  3. Anonymous
    10th November 2011

    Is this the same coalition that is having to pay fines everyday until they comply with that EU ruling over deleting innocents DNA?

  4. north face denali
    17th November 2011

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