or stay out say Newham Council

It’s already been dubbed the ‘sex snoop list’ and residents are up in arms.

Newham Council’s decision to force residents to sign-in every visitor to their property in 30 tower blocks is a clear invasion of privacy and an entirely misguided response to a problem.

The policy was announced with less than 24 hours notice and staff are being asked to refuse entry to visitors who don’t sign in. Ridiculously, the council say it’s for fire safety and to combat anti-social behavior.

Despite finding the time and resources to implement the guest register, the council failed to fix the locks on doors for several years. Big Brother Watch knows which one would stop criminals and it isnt a list of who visited who.

Yet again a council has jumped for an intrusive solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Throwing civil liberties aside does not help create stronger communities, yet Newham Council seem intent on alientating residents with a total disregard for their privacy.

This is the kind of policy you’d expect in East Germany, not East London. Big Brother Watch is joining residents opposed to the scheme in calling for it to be abandoned immediately.

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  2. Kmist7
    7th December 2011

    what ever next, the council will wand to tell you what time they have to leave

  3. Tony Beasley
    8th December 2011

    Surveillance of Visitor’s

    Any such edict that affects a person’s coming and going to a place of dwelling
    (and that of their visitors) needs to be fully and transparently consulted, among the various interest groups – the most important being the residents – 24hrs notice is actually derisory and smacks of totalitarian controlling tactics.

    Clear reasons must be given; proof that implementation of this scheme is unavoidable, necessary and that this can be verified with clear evidence and proofs and all this with full resident consultation and agreement must be achieved before any such scheme can proceed.

    I note that Sir Robin Wales (for the Mayor of Newham and a long time high profile public figure) manages to keep his life private, without intrusion and surveillance when he is in the privacy of his own home; what about tower block residents, don’t the people have a fair say and the same rights to privacy?  

    Let the people who inhabit these dwellings decided the best way to achieve privacy and security via a plebiscite not by imposed dictates of local authority. 

    Yes LBN we know you have the power to enforce – now we can all understand the definition of Parliamentary democracy.   

    Everyone is equal ……. But some are more equal than others. George Orwell
    Tony Beasley – Newham Resident and plebeian.

  4. John Name
    9th December 2011

    Visitors must always give a false name, as a matter of principle.

  5. Sad But Mad Lad
    12th December 2011

    Do the residents have to sign in too?

    Just checked and it seems residents don’t need to sign. So it’s nothing to do with fire safety and all to do with lack of thought and taking the easy route out and thinking that a simple register would deter bogus callers. What planet are these council bureaucratics living on?

    Quote from //
    A council spokesman said: “A new sign-in process for visitors has recently been introduced to council blocks with a concierge service following complaints about anti-social behaviour and bogus callers. A visitors book has been implemented as a deterrent to problems reported by residents. It is a system used by other London councils and has worked effectively. Residents are not being asked to sign in and if visitors decline, the concierge may contact the person they are visiting to verify details.”

  6. Anonymous
    27th December 2011

    I presume that Newham Council have not allowed for a huge influx of people named either W. Churchill, D. Duck or B. Obama?

    The last time I checked, the only people who are lawfully able to require a name and address are the police, and then only with present such proof at a police station.

    Are Newham Council of the belief that they are above the Law?

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