Southampton fights to record your conversations

Following our complaint to the Information Commissioner, last month Southampton Council was handed an enforcement notice for it’s policy of requiring taxis to record both audio and video of every taxi journey.

The council has now announced it will appeal the ICO’s action, despite the policy being branded invasive and disproportionate by a judge and the Information Commissioner saying it goes too far. For Southampton Council to fight in the courts for the right to record the conversation of every taxi passenger is madness.

Yet more public resources will be tied up defending a policy that has no grounding in rational thought or civil society. It’s another example of a council trying to steamroller surveillance through without paying attention to public opinion, privacy or in this case, the law.


  1. GennaX
    22nd August 2012

    What reason do they give?

  2. mickeyporkpies
    23rd August 2012

    Honestly if I hear any more Ministers banging on about Privacy I am going to have buy an Alanis Morissette album! I suspect they are worried that if the ICO rules they were unlawful in applying this as condition of your Hackney Licence they could be sued by the drivers for incurring unnecessary costs (namely CCTV installations)