Can you support Sgt Danny Nightingale?

Only July 1, Sgt Danny Nightingale will appear at the military court to face a retrial. CNV00001

Since entering a plea of not guilty at his pre-trial hearing, Sgt Nightingale has been informed he will be medically discharged from the army on February 14, 2014. However, the Military prosecutors intend to continue their prosecution – despite basing their initial case on the fact he was still fit to serve.

Fundraising efforts have raised £10,000 for Sgt Nightingale’s defence but the re-trial will see costs far in excess of this. Danny’s family are facing immense financial pressures and if the funds cannot be raised then there is a real risk Sgt Nightingale will not be able to contest the charge.

I would urge you, if you are able, to support this important cause, to do so. You can donate to the legal appeal here and please do share the link with your friends and family. 

You can read the character reference Lt Col Richard Williams MBE MC, Sgt Nightingale’s commanding officer in Iraq, gave to the High Court, here.  However, perhaps the most illustrative of Danny’s character are the words of ‘Soldier A’ who gave evidence to the Court of Appeal earlier this year. He said:

“Danny is one of a rare breed who would, at a moments notice, drop everything to serve Queen and Country with honour and distinction but who would selflessly expect no recognition for doing so. He has served through some of the most violent and high tempo operations the Regiment has endured since Al Qaeda destroyed the Twin Towers and he has emerged with a deep sense of pride and integrity.

“I would stand by Danny in any situation and know that I could trust him 100% to deliver to the best of his ability. It is said that the Regiment is the man. Danny is the man and without people like him we would not have a Special Forces Regiment that would dare to risk all to save the lives of others.”

 Now is the time for us to repay Danny’s service to his country in his time of need. 


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  1. Dizzy Ringo
    21st June 2013

    Can you have some record or something to show how much has been collected?

  2. Fmz
    4th July 2013

    What has this got to do with civil liberties? If the law has been broken he shouldn’t receive special treatment

  3. Adam Hiley
    20th July 2013

    support Sgt Nightingale this is a disgrace and We have Adjem Choudary preaching Hatred to us and this Country if People continue to vote for the corrupt LibLabCon Party in Parliament then We deserve to suffer their lies and Incomptence reclaim our Sovereignty from LibLabCon Party and abandon the EU/ECHR stop kowtowing to the Yanks also Non-Violent Revolution is now the only Way to reclaim our Rights,Prosperity,and Country We also need a Written Constitution to protect our Rights Britain needs a Republic

  4. Crash
    28th July 2013

    What’s the EU got to do with this. Sgt nightingale has been found guilty and he admitted his guilt during a videoed police interview. What has this case got to do with the Surveillant state?

  5. Bernie
    31st October 2013

    This seems to have nothing to do with state snooping, nor civil liberties. Not the sort of thing I was looking for when I came to this site. Just more tedious and jingoistic drum-banging for “our brave heroes” doing this stuff “on our behalf”. Not mine.