Press comment: NHS Database roll out delayed

Responding to news that NHS England is to delay the roll out of the database:

Nick Pickles, director of Big Brother Watch, said: “NHS England has failed to properly communicate to patients or GPs what this new database involves, how it affects our medical records and what the risks are. The scheme’s benefits are no justification for not properly informing people what will happen and a delay is the right thing to do to maintain public confidence and ensure people have an opportunity to opt-out.

“Our medical records contain some of our most private information and any changes to how they are used should not be rushed into. NHS England should now write to patients individually, including an opt-out form, explaining the scheme and allowing people to make an informed choice about what happens to their medical records.”

Posted by on Feb 18, 2014 in Press Office | 2 Comments


  1. PJH
    18th February 2014

    Wouldn’t it have been preferable to insist on an opt-in scheme rather than continuing with the opt-out model?

  2. John
    18th February 2014

    Interesting as these sods have had two tries at sneaking this legislation onto the books now.

    Now that the issue is finally being exposed to an increasingly tech-savvy public, how many more goes will they get at this?

    ID cards had to die in the end and I can’t help thinking this may go the same way. The narrative is now moving from a discussion on privacy to (rightly) an argument about how Government & NHS officials, fully understanding what the public reaction to thier idea would be if it’s consequences were fully understood, decided to introduce the policy by deceiving and manipulating the media and the electorate an d rushing it through before anyone could stop them.