Response to announcement that HMRC is to get new powers to access bank accounts when tax is owed

Emma Carr, deputy director of Big Brother Watch, said: “Today the taxman has to go to court to size your money. Now he’ll be able to do it with a click of a mouse. People won’t object to HRMC having legal powers to pursue people who owe them money but they shouldn’t be able to do it without any independent oversight.

“At a time when the Government is looking to reign in the number of public officials who can enter your home without a warrant it is bizarre that the taxman is getting the power to raid your bank account. These powers could have a serious impact on people’s lives and as a basic step of protecting peoples liberties they should not be exercised without a court’s approval.”

Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Press Office | 2 Comments


  1. Free Proofread
    21st March 2014

    Seize, HMRC, rein, people’s.

    But the sentiment is spot on. Onward to East Germany we go.

  2. William Hepburn
    8th May 2014

    Over the years I’ve had numerous wrongly calculated tax codes, wrongly calculated refund teasers and demands with menaces for non-existent overdue payments, all of which have generally occurred during some 16 years I’ve been employed and within the PAYE catchment. The thought of faceless minions having access to peoples bank accounts with little or no control fills me with dread. I’d rather risk keeping my savings under the mattress than have them easily accessible to HMRC to take them whenever my number came up on what appears to be the lottery game of tax demands.

    I think we should all resist this with the utmost effort, once again the corporate and industrial scale organised tax evaders and outright criminals will have their money squirreled away in accounts either not known to HMRC or inaccessible to them, whilst those of us that are basically honest and hardworking are prey to the Demon Tax Man’s whims and demands.