Tony Benn: 1925 – 2014

“Of course we need good government. Of course we need it to have policies that deliver greater social justice and equality. But the more influential government becomes the more it is essential that it respects our liberties. Its obligation must be to serve the people, not rule over them. We have to insist on this principle. It is not a matter of left or right, Tory or Labour.”

Anthony Neil Wedgwood “Tony” Benn, 3 April 1925 – 14 March 2014.

Tony Benn spoke at the launch of Big Brother Watch and we are proud to count him as a friend. His contribution to public life and to the defence of liberty will echo far beyond these times. Our thoughts are with his family.


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  1. Perry de Havilland
    14th March 2014

    It is always fascinating to hear a life long proponent of pervasive intrusive government saying things like that. In effect he is arguing that as long as said powerful and pervasive state is ‘nice’ when it decides who is entitled to what, well, that’s ok then.

    Naivety or tactical disingenuity? I met the guy a couple times and I tend to think the later. But either way this man was no friend of liberty, at least in any sense of the word not subjected to Orwellian inversion.