Sep 8th 2015 programme paused…again

There is a new chapter in the ongoing saga that is the programme. For those of you who haven’t been following the programme closely, it would extract anonymised patient data from GP and hospital medical records for use “beyond direct medical care”. Big Brother Watch has spoken extensively about our concerns regarding the […]

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Jun 30th 2014

If companies cared about our privacy they would be transparent about how they use our data

First GameStation threatened to harvest the souls of its customers’ though its Terms and Conditions (no really!), now it has been revealed that Facebook has been attempting to manipulate its users’ moods after gaining ‘consent’ by burying information about the project in its Terms and Conditions. Over one week in 2012, Facebook manipulated the extent […]

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Feb 19th 2014 delay is not the end of the issue

In a campaign victory for Big Brother Watch, medconfidential and others, the scheme has been delayed for six months. This is not the end of the issue. We have significant ongoing concerns regarding the scheme, both in terms of how patients have been told about what is happening and the long term privacy […]

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