It is estimated that the UK has 20% of the world’s cameras compared to just 1% of the world’s population. There are between 4 and 6 million CCTV cameras and more than 8,000 ANPR cameras in operation. These figures highlight the need for a strong and robust regulatory system.

It has long been known that the effectiveness of CCTV varies across the country. Concerns about the monitoring, quality and use of CCTV images and the disparity of how police forces utilise and integrate CCTV in their daily policing functions remain an issue.

Reports, Research and Briefings

Are They Still Watching?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Unmanned Aerial Systems

Body Worn Cameras

Traffic Spies

Police use of ANPR

Policy Recommendations

1. Give the CCTV regulator the powers to enforce the code of practice

2. Any publicly funded CCTV installation should have to refer to crime statistics or demonstrate a significant risk of harm before being commenced

3. Public bodies should publish the instances where their CCTV cameras have been used in securing a conviction, and for what offences.

4. Public bodies should be required (save for those used in direct protection of sites at risk of terrorism) to publish in a standardised format the locations of their cameras

5. The Government should begin a consultation on regulating private CCTV cameras, both those operated by commercial companies and by private individuals

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